Therapy Speak – What “Codependent” really means

One psychological term that has entered the popular vocabulary is “codependent”. On social media, this term often describes someone who is overly invested in their relationship, having gotten to the point where they “need” their partner.  Often, the popular use of this term implies that any reliance on your partner for emotional support and stability […]

Finding Solutions with an Occupational Therapist

Thank you for joining us for this week’s blog. The past few weeks, we focused on some strategies that would help you during this time of a pandemic: hope, gratitude, and how to stay mentally healthy during isolation. We hope that you are now finding your “new normal” and are settling into a routine. As always, please reach […]

Welcome to Blog #2 – Our Team

Thank you for following along with my blog journey. In this blog, I will highlight a very important part of my business: my team, as well as how I see our counselling services growing. If you read my first blog, you would have learned about the history of Simply Counselling, as well as my own […]