Welcome to Blog #2 – Our Team

Thank you for following along with my blog journey. In this blog, I will highlight a very important part of my business: my team, as well as how I see our counselling services growing. If you read my first blog, you would have learned about the history of Simply Counselling, as well as my own personal background. The additional insight into my team and the future of the company will give you a good introduction to Simply Counselling Services.

Who is a part of the Simply Counselling team? 

After initially creating Simply Counselling and establishing a work-life balance, I knew that building a great team would be the key to long-term continued success. This team has been essential in helping my dream of Simply Counselling Services come to life.

Finding the right people to join my team was relatively easy as I had worked with people that I already knew would be a great fit. The right people would believe in the philosophy of Simply Counselling, to keep things simple. I also made sure that the people I selected would have the following key skills:

  • The ability to build solid relationships with clients by being excellent listeners.
  • Experience that made them stand out from the rest.
  • A belief that counselling should be:
    • A simple process,
    • Client focused, and,
    • Based on a solid relationship with the client.

My team brings a diverse and varied experience to the table, which I know is key to meeting the needs of all of our clients.

Now that I have the dream team and a truly simplified approach to counselling, you might be wondering what’s on the horizon…

What’s next for Simply Counselling Services? 

I have a few goals in mind for the future of our services:

  • To focus and maintain. A continued dedication to providing exceptional simplified care that is accessible, practical and helpful.
  • To educate. Inform people that there are simple solutions and options available, from access and diagnosis, to treatment. 
  • To grow. The team will continue to learn and therefore provide the excellent care our clients deserve.
  • To expand services. Group therapy is an excellent way to connect with others facing similar challenges, and we are excited to be offering this service in the near future.

I hope that the background on our history, team and future vision gives you a taste of what we’re about. In my next blog I want to shed a bit of light on why counselling works and why I believe you hold all of the keys to your own success.

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