Simply Sleep – Improving Sleep Hygiene

Sleep is a vital part of our well-being. It’s our body’s way of re-energizing, restoring, and repairing itself. When we sleep poorly, it can be harder for us to make-decisions, deal with our emotions, remember things, and focus. On top of that, it can be extremely frustrating when we struggle to fall asleep. Lying in […]

Therapy Speak – What “Codependent” really means

One psychological term that has entered the popular vocabulary is “codependent”. On social media, this term often describes someone who is overly invested in their relationship, having gotten to the point where they “need” their partner.  Often, the popular use of this term implies that any reliance on your partner for emotional support and stability […]

Therapy Speak – What “Narcissist” Really Means

This seems like the most commonly misused psychological term these days. You may have even heard it in the last few weeks while someone was describing a conflict at work or in their romantic relationship. But what does “narcissist” really mean? First, it’s important to say that narcissism is a collection of traits that exist […]

Misusing Therapy Speak – how “Narcissist”, “Gaslighting”, “Triggered”, etc., Are So Often Misused

The increased visibility of mental health concerns and therapy have done a lot to reduce the stigma when talking about mental health. The other side of that coin is that people have begun to use terms used in psychology when they may not actually apply. But why are people using/misusing these terms so much these […]

Simply Relationships – Fundamental Attribution Error

“Never attribute to malice what could adequately be explained by ignorance” Over the years we spend with a person we come to believe certain things about them, not all of them good. For example, we may see our partners as “lazy”, “inconsiderate”, or “self-absorbed”. Although these unflattering beliefs can be problematic in themselves, there is […]

Simply Relationships – Having Tough Conversations

“The measure of a healthy relationship is not if we argue, but how we argue.” Every deep relationship has conflict. It is a necessary outcome of connection. The important thing is how that conflict is managed when it happens, and how we repair after a conflict. Today’s post is more about managing conflict when it […]

Simply Relationships – Filling the Love Tank

“Sometimes all you need is a hug from the right person and your stress will melt away” Valentine’s Day can go either way. At its best, it can create deep feelings of gratitude for your partner and your relationship. At its worst, it can highlight everything you feel is wrong or missing in your love […]

Simply Social Media – Comparison Part One: Understanding

“Comparison is the thief of joy” Theodore Roosevelt The parallel rise in mental health concerns and social media use has not gone unnoticed to most. I think a lot of us are at least vaguely aware of an association between social media use and mental health problems, even in our own lives. There are several […]

Simply Social Media – Doom-Scrolling

When research comes out around the relationship between social media use and mental health outcomes, the news usually isn’t good. In fact, most of us know by now that spending too much time on social media isn’t good for us. One of the social media use patterns that has been identified as problematic is called […]

Simply Social Media – Adolescents

Depression and anxiety are a relatively common mental health concern and rates are only growing, especially among the young. Considering the parallel growth of social media use and these mental health concerns, a lot of people have been looking into a link between them.  Although it is very difficult to prove causation, studies have linked […]