Why counselling works and is important – especially now

Thank you for joining me for this week’s blog! I have spent some time reflecting on what would be most helpful right now for our audience, and I decided to revisit a topic we have covered before. I think during this challenging time, it is becoming more apparent how important it is to be mindful of our mental health while focusing on our physical health. 

The blog we are reviewing again is why counselling works. During these strange times, we either find ourselves busier than ever, or with an abundance of idle time. Therefore, it is critically important to have outside support. While you read through this blog, reflect on how it might support you during this time. 

The following sections focus on why I think counselling really does work and why that belief actually starts with who you are, as a client. 

Why do I believe in counselling, and why does it work? 

I have come to believe in counselling through my own personal experience, as well as watching my clients progress. 

My personal encounter with counselling started rough – I had a bad experience, and it actually provoked me to learn more about the world of counselling. I didn’t feel “heard” and felt like the therapist was saying things they thought were the right thing to say. This fueled me to learn more and understand what makes counselling work – if it’s done correctly. 

Through my schooling, I learned about the research and science behind counselling, which gave me the knowledge that I needed to start believing. But it was only in finding my own voice and style that I could actually see it making a difference in people’s lives. My clients were looking for someone to connect with, someone that was human and focused on listening. My focus then became building the relationship with the client and helping them to see the strength they had within themselves.  

As our team at Simply Counselling has worked with many different clients, we have noticed a few things we can do, which leads our clients to success: 

· Build solid relationships, 

· Be genuine and open, 

· Keep things simple, and 

· Maintain a belief that each person has the capabilities to be the best versions of themselves, or “the client is the expert”.  

 What does “the client is the expert” mean? 

The “client is the expert” is another way of saying that you are the expert in your own experience and therefore have the answers to the challenges you might be facing. 

I believe that you know what is best for yourself and what will fit perfectly into your life. Your own experiences in life are the key to the solutions you might be looking for. Our job then as counsellors, is to help you discover which solution makes the most sense and to help it fit, and we will do this by framing the struggles in a way that can lead you to the answers. This means that you already have the answers you are looking for – which is excellent news. 

This also means that when you meet with our team, we do not have a predetermined agenda or approach to help you – we are simply ready to listen. Once we’ve truly heard you, we can support you in a way that suits you, and only you. 

Why counselling now?

Maybe you are in the process of trying to make it work, and something just is not clicking. You have put your best foot forward, and still, nothing has changed. Perhaps you have tried talking to your friends, your loved ones and although they are all well-meaning, you haven’t heard something that fits. What you really want is to feel heard, and for someone to be in your court, especially someone with an outside perspective. Maybe you are in need of a change but not sure how to make it happen, and you’re out of ideas. 

Call us – that’s exactly why we are here! The beautiful thing is that you don’t have to leave your home. We can help ensure you have privacy through many different creative means, and we have counsellors available at all times. 

If you are interested in counselling or would like to speak to a member of our team, please contact us, we would be happy to speak with you.