What causes feelings of stress?

Thank you for joining me for this week’s blog! As you learned in the last blog, everyone experiences stress and it is entirely normal. So, what exactly causes those feelings of stress? 


Yes, everyday life causes feelings of stress. If we dive in a little further, we can tease out some common things like school, work, family, health-related issues, relationships, expectations of ourselves and others, and finances. 

When you think about these causes, it is easy to see that stress is everywhere. This means that stress is very likely to pop up at some point. This might make you wonder how we function with stress lurking in every corner of our lives. We have a built-in buffer to help manage all of this noise called resiliency. Resiliency helps us recover from stressful situations on an ongoing basis. However, we have a limit with our resiliency – it can only take us so far. This limit is different for everyone, just as how we experience stress is different for everyone. The question then becomes: How do I know when I’ve reached my limit of resiliency and need some extra support?

When should you seek support for your feelings of stress? 

We know that everyone experiences stress differently, and that we all have varying levels to our resiliency, so when is the best time to seek support? The answer to this question is actually up to you. It also depends on understanding two key factors: your expectations of stress and what it should look like if you have managed the stress yourself.  

Expectations of stress – to put it bluntly, you will never be without stress. As we mentioned in the last blog, everyone experiences stress and it is normal. In fact, some amount of stress is actually good, as it can mean you are challenging yourself in some way and growing.

If you have managed the stress yourself (sign up your email below to get a free resource that can help you with this!) – you should be able to generally function well, and:

  • Enjoy activities as you have in the past
  • Sleep well
  • Feel like you can manage little hiccups in your everyday routine, and
  • Focus and concentrate on the tasks at hand

If you feel like the stress you are experiencing is overwhelming, and you are no longer able to function well or do some of the things we mentioned above, then it is likely time to seek support from our team. We can help you to discover your inner expert on managing stress and learn how to work with the stress in your everyday life. 

We’ve briefly touched on a few key things that are likely to cause stress, and we would like to dive deeper into one leading cause that is right around the corner: the holidays! In our next blog, we will discuss this a little more, and provide you with some tips on how to prepare for the holiday season. As a note, in honour of Remembrance Day next Monday, November 11th, we will not be sharing a blog for that week. Our next blog on preparing for the holiday season will be posted the following Monday, November 18th.

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