Welcome to my first counselling blog

Why write a blog?

I wanted to write a series of counselling blogs that would be simple, helpful, and interesting as well as give the reader a better perspective on my business and their mental health. This is a new experience for me and I’m excited for you to join me.

I want to start at the beginning and focus on the “behind the scenes” history of Simply Counselling Services, as well as my own personal journey into counselling.

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Why was Simply Counselling Services established?

My experience has taught me that usually, it’s all too complicated when entering the world of counselling services. From access to process, homework, expectations, wait lists, location, entrance requirements – it’s all complicated. As if that’s not enough, just finding help can be intimidating and confusing. I knew that it could be easier and that people would benefit from a simpler process, so I created Simply Counselling to fill the gap in services offered in Calgary.

Simply Counselling Services is built on four key values:
  • Information and help is always easy to access and clearly understood. No technical language or focus on theories.
  • The process is easy from start to finish. Book an appointment, come into the office and get the support you need.
  • Appointments will always be available when you need them. You can call and book an appointment within that same week.
  • The location is important. You will walk into a welcoming, beautiful, safe and private space.

When it came time to decide on a name for the company, I was searching for something that could capture what the work would be – simple. I worked with my big family to find a name, knowing that I wanted it to be simple and clear. After much brainstorming, my mom knew the way to my heart by saying, “why can’t it be Simply?”; it was perfect. So true to what I offer my clients.

What did my personal journey into counselling services look like?

My journey in the psychology world began early in life. I noticed that friends always wanted to share with me and I had a knack for being a good listener. In university I found my home in psychology as it filled my passion for understanding the why of what we do and the strength we have in what we experience.  

After completing my classes, I was lucky enough to find a placement in a hospital with adolescents and their families. Working at the hospital taught me a lot about myself and the support systems that were out there. I had a natural ability to connect with clients, and I learned about the value of the relationship with every client, which I always held as the most important. Working in the hospital also allowed me to see the different styles and approaches to counselling of my colleagues. From the beginning, I noticed that my style was different because it was simple and to the point. Always. My approach worked well with my clients and I knew there was an opportunity to make an impact on a larger scale outside of the hospital, to better the services offered in the city.

After getting married and having my first child, I wanted to be more present for my family but I still had a passion to offer accessible and practical counselling services. This is when Simply Counselling was born, my second baby.

In the next blog, I’ll introduce you to the Simply Counselling team and share how our counselling services are evolving… stay tuned!

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