The Impact of the Pandemic on Teens and Parents – A Conversation with Dr. Nneka

Are you a parent? Do you have a teen? This episode is packed with tips and strategies to manage both of these situations. Psychiatrist Dr. Nneka shares her wisdom on how to connect with your teen, how parents need to give themselves more credit, and the impact of social media on our teens. Listen in […]

Breaking the Stigma: Zack – The Depression Relief Playbook

Is it possible to have a playbook for how to tackle depression?  After reading Zack’s book, we were convinced! We knew it was a perfect fit for further conversation. In this episode, we chat about some key strategies from his book, his experience of depression, and his journey to seeking support. You can download his […]

Breaking the Stigma: Bryce and Dave – Mental Health in the Corporate World and Creating a Supportive Culture

The mullet is back! Maybe it should have never left. At 360 Energy Liability Management, they love the classic hairstyle for it;s class, attitude and important message it represents for the company. Using this message to raise awareness about the critical conversation on mental health, they have started a fundraiser with all proceeds going to […]

Breaking the Stigma: Dr. Rob Tanguay

Trauma can take many forms. Veterans and frontline workers (like the police) face indescribable events.  But, how do we treat it? Dr. Rob Tanguay speaks about the incredibly innovative treatments being offered through: The Newly Institute. But, that’s not all – we also talk about: the state of the public health care system in Canada […]