Jenna Fortinski
. Registered Psychologist
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Jenna Fortinski is the creator of Simply Counselling Services, and as a Registered Psychologist, she recognizes the challenges people face when seeking counselling. She built a practice that ensures finding support is exactly how it should be, simple.

With an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a Master’s in counselling, and an extensive background working in Calgary area hospitals, Jenna built Simply Counselling on a firm foundation of experience and education.


The foundation of Simply Counselling Services is made up of six key values:


Information and help will always be easy to access and clearly understood.


The process will be simple from start to finish.


Appointments will always be available when you need them.


A belief that you are the expert in your own life


The counsellor’s role is to support you in becoming your best self


The location of services will be welcoming, beautiful, safe and private.

Nicki Kirlin
. Education Director

Another important aspect of Simply Counselling is education and expansion. Education Director Nicki Kirlin uses her background in health services to research new strategies and techniques, offer education opportunities for staff and clients, and provide the practice with strategic planning in the specialized areas of addictions and mental health.

Nicki has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with Honours, and a Masters of Public Health. Her education along with her experience and passion for working with diverse individuals allows Simply Counselling to offer the best services to fit any individual’s needs.

Making sure that clients can access information and services with ease, is Cheryl Nixon.

As the first point of contact for most clients, Cheryl is an integral part of Simply Counselling.

Her top-notch organizational skills, attention to detail, expertise in providing exceptional service, and care for client comfort ensures that each client has a seamless experience.

Amber is willing and eager to assist clients in need of administrative support at Simply Counselling Services.
She is reliable, friendly and outgoing, and her goal is to ensure all clients are cared for in an efficient and professional manner.
Amber is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Psychology, as well as minoring in Sociology at the University of Calgary.